Since 1951,
TAD Preschool offers an education in an English atmosphere with;
-In-service teacher training
-Material Development for indivual learning differences
-Family counselling services
-Interest and Skill Guidance with psyschologist's observations in daily basis
-Multinational children groups
-Healthy nutrition and hygiene norms
-Common european framework of references for languages
Daily experiences in eight different workshops and three defferent gardens at TAD Preschool Mavişehir 

The Turkish-American Association (TAA) is a rooted and prestigious non-governmental organization established in 1951 upon bilateral agreements between Turkey and USA. TAD Preschool is the first pre-school educational institution of TAA and also acts as the Master Franchisee of TAA preschools authorized to deal franchisees throughout Turkey. The educational curriculum of TAA Preschool was developed by Counselors and Academics in 2 years. Within this period, the reasons behind children not being able to learn English in Turkey was researched, international standards were evaluated and both national and international research studies have been analyzed before the development of the TAD Preschool Curriculum. 

All TAD Preschool teachers attend regular in-service teacher training programs conducted by expert teacher trainers in order to keep all teachers up to date with modern improvements and technologies as well as equipping them with the teaching methodologies that will serve the interests of our learners and to ensure that all teaching and instruction is conducted within the TAD Preschool standards. 


There are various techniques and methods developed in the world for preschool education. These methods include Montessori’s Educational Approach which focuses on the child developing a positive attitude towards the school, presenting a love for learning and discipline, motivation, acting independently, enjoying repetition and working, increasing self-confidence, increasing curiosity, inner trust and safety feelings, Reggio Emilio’s Education Method which focuses on the child developing the desired skills, pre-planned group work in a designed setting and interaction about the environment, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory which focuses on the 8 different intelligences that children possess and the High Scope Education System which focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of children. 

Family Counselling Services
The Family Counseling Service provided by the TAD Preschool Pedagogue enables parents to receive information about the evaluations of their children conducted from the orientation period till their graduation as well as providing guidance for their parents to better assist their children. Various meetings, presentations and seminars are conducted by the TAD Preschool Pedagogue in order to integrate the parents into the teaching and learning process. 

Interest and Skill Guidance
Each individual has an interest in or is better in different fields or skills. TAD Preschool conducts skills and aptitude tests with each student in order to enable students to better understand themselves, discover their strengths and to direct them in accordance with their skills and abilities. This enables the school, parents and students to discover the areas in which children will most probably feel more comfortable and happy in the future and provide assistance and guidance in developing these strengths. 


    TAD Preschool Mavişehir is a franchansee of TAD Preschool Ankara which is founded by ÜçNesil Eğitim A.Ş. Although each teacher and instructor working with TAD Preschool is a field-professional, the teaching team of TAD Preschool attends Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Training programs on a regular basis in order to encourage lifelong learning and follow modern developments in teaching as well as improve the teaching methodologies. These trainings are conducted by academics (TAA central) that specialize in certain fields and are all conducted on a hands on practice basis. 

We have 7 groups which are accompanied by leader techers (who are English teaching professional) and child development professionals. 15 children are the maximum number of groups that are in the same age gruop build up at the begining of the year. In Family Counseling Service we have one psychologist. We have one cook and three people in hygiene team. Management team is always ready to support parents when needed with three members.

Bahar Yamaner

Üç Nesil Eğitim A.Ş

Principle Sibel Buluktimur
As. Principle Merve Islamoglu
Psyc. Bade Vardarlı